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Emma comes in contact with a secret group named Mutant X, which is a team of New Mutants formed and led by Adam Kane, a scientist who created the New Mutants. Meanwhile a secret agency, The GSA, led by Adam's old friend and now enemy Mason Eckhart, is created to deal with these New Mutants.

Character Appearances[]

Main Cast

Jesse KilmartinForbes March

Shalimar FoxVictoria Pratt

Emma deLauroLauren Lee Smith

Brennan MulwrayVictor Webster

Adam KaneJohn Shea

Guest Cast

Mason EckhartTom McCamus

Frank ThorneDouglas O'Keeffe

RubyChuck Byrn

Allison Turner - Ingrid Hart

Vince Meisel - Lorne Honchuck

Dr. Paul Breedlove - Cedric Smith

Sean Bell - Michael Azzarello

Brad Carter - Kevin Hicks

Tony Reese - Matthew MacFazdean

Season 1[]

Preceeded by- N/A

Followed By- I Scream the Body Electric (Part 2)