Randall Blake (played by Lyriq Bent) is a character on television show Mutant X.


Artist Randall Blake was a cat burglar specializing in stealing international high-end art and seducing women from his bar headquarters, La Brasserie du Bohême. Discovering that he and Lexa were after the same set of artwork, Randall stole the painting she had acquired. He then seduced her before tricking her into being caught while attempting to steal the last painting in the set. But thanks to a tracking device Lexa had planted on his earlobe, Mutant X was able to turn the tables on him.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Randall Blake is a Molecular New Mutant who has the ability to manipulate dark anti-matter energy. He can transform himself into dark gas, create dark matter shields with his hands to protect himself from harm and create dark matter blasts with his hands to blast his enemies backwards at will.

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