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Artist Randall Blake was a cat burglar specializing in stealing international high-end art and seducing women from his bar headquarters, La Brasserie de Bohême. He could transform himself into a dark gas or create dark matter shields or blasts with his hands. Discovering that he and Lexa Pierce were after the same set of artwork, Randall stole the painting she had acquired. He then seduced her before tricking her into being caught while attempting to steal the last painting in the set. But thanks to a tracking device Lexa had planted on his earlobe, Mutant X was able to turn the tables on him.


Randall has the new mutant ability to manipulate dark matter, to various degrees. He is able to transform himself into a dark shadow like substance or create dark matter shields or blasts with his hands. His main power is the ability which to create dark matter. He can generate dark purple/blue energy blasts; by varying the rate of acceleration in the molecules of his body, thereby controlling the energy levels of the dark matter in such a way that causes a cascaded release of energy. By concentrating, Randall can project a coherent beam of energy, with which he can use as a weapon to knock out or even kill others. He also uses this ability to create shields that can absorb any energy-based attack; however, he is partially vulnerable to non-energy weapon attacks. If she were to be shot by a projectile weapon or hit with a crowbar, it would harm her. Upon concentration, Randall can also dissolve his body, including the clothing he is wearing, into a dark shadow-like substance and maintain control of her form, which gives him a stealth-like ability. By touching others, she is able to expand her shadow like state to others making them shadows too. He can reform her normal body at will. His shadow form is resistant to most forms of injury. He uses this form to move through cracks and crevices, allowing himself and any one he chooses to venture where others may not be able to. According to several people, his shadow form is very hard to detect and affect telepathically.