Michelle Bigelow (played by Danielle Hampton) is a character on the television show Mutant X.


Best friends in Sloman High School, Emma and Michelle went to the prom together, and used their Psionic abilities to get free drinks at the local Jasper's Coffee Bar. The two lost touch after graduation. Michelle, the more level-headed of the two, was recruited into The GSA to help infiltrate Mutant X's New Mutant Safehouses. Genomex scientists altered Michelle's DNA to make her more machine than human. Mason then allowed the emotion-less Michelle to escape Genomex with Mutant X, so that she could transmit Sanctuary's database to him. But Emma was able to connect Tele-Empathically with her best friend to release her emotional side and Adam stabilized Michelle's DNA to give her better control over her emotions and feelings. She was later put into the New Mutant Underground to stay hidden from The GSA so that they will not find her.


Michelle is a Psionic who possess a computer-like consciousness with advanced capabilities. She can manipulate and interact with computers and electronic devices and project electric blasts from her eyes. Her eyes turn blue when she uses her powers. her power is most internal and personal. It mostly only affects her. It affected her when Genomex scientists altered her DNA to make her more machine than human. She is prone to radical emotional shifts.

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