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Mason Eckhartt is a character on the television show Mutant X. He is portrayed by Tom McCamus.


Mason Eckhart was once the head of security at Genomex. He and the young geneticist Adam Kane began as friends; they were also rivals for the affections of Stealth New Mutant Danielle Hartman before Mason convinced her to leave Genomex for good. As a result of a horrific accident, Incident X, for which he blamed Adam, Mason's immune system was destroyed. In order to stave off infection, Mason was forced to wear a white wig, synthetic protective skin, and gloves. When Genomex's creator, Paul Breedlove, threatened to go public with information about Genomex's New Mutant research, Mason had him murdered in order to protect the organization's security. He then officially began expanding The Genetic Security Agency (GSA) to protect the Non-New Mutant world from "genetic terrorism." With the aid of Tricorp Botanical's biogeneticist Dr. Kenneth Harrison, Mason explored several (unsuccessful) avenues for creating New Mutants that could be controlled, even as his GS Agents sought to contain the existing Children of Genomex. Dr. Harrison, along with GS Agent Morgan Fortier, would later betray Mason by allowing the first New Mutant, Gabriel Ashlocke, to place Mason in a stasis pod and take over Genomex. Six months afterwards, Mason's pod automatically reopened, and he returned to his work. He convinced Shalimar Fox's father, Naxcon CEO Nicholas Fox, to provide him with the resources he required to create a New Mutant army. After the explosion at Naxcon damaged Mason's protective skin, he obtained Adam's research on his condition to construct a device to cure himself. However, before Mason was able to locate Sanctuary, he was electrocuted by Brennan Mulwray and fell to his death.

Powers and abilitesEdit

Mason Eckhart himself is a Non-New Mutant which means he does not have any New Mutant powers and abilites. He is a Machiavellian schemer.

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