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Mason Eckhart is the leader of the GSA and the prime antagonist of Mutant X in Season 1. He is portrayed by Tom McCamus.


The Shock of the New (Part 1)Edit

Eckhart organizes the assassination of Dr. Paul Breedlove with the aid of Frank Thorne. Following the murder, he takes over Genomex and forms the GSA in order to hunt down and aprehend other mutants.

I Scream the Body Electric (Part 2)Edit

Eckhart forcibly recruits Brennan Mulwray to his cause and, after capturing the telepath Ruby, obtains the location of the Mutant X safehouse. Eckhart orders a raid and succeeds in capturing all the mutants present except for Jesse Kilmartin, who manages to escape and organize a rescue against the GSA.

Russian RouletteEdit

Eckhart hires Sonya and Yuri to use a secret Russian weapon developed by the KGB to hunt down rogue mutants.