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Lorna Templeton (played by Krista Allen) is a character on the television show Mutant X.


Lorna was on the run from The GSA until Shalimar and Jesse intervened as they were chasing her. She stung one agent to death and gassed the second Carl Ames. Under Lorna’s spell, Carl informed her of Mason's plan to buy the anomite computer virus from scientist Dr. Tork. Carl shot Shalimar as Mutant X attempted to keep the anomite from Lorna, but Brennan recognized his former associate Tony Reese among Lorna’s team and tracked him to her apartment. Lorna seduced Brennan and conspired with him to sell the anomite to Mason. When Tony became jealous, Lorna murdered him. After an enchanted Brennan chose to protect Lorna over his former teammates, Adam sent Shalimar to surreptitiously inoculate him with an anti-venom he had created from Carl’s blood. Seeing that her charms had become ineffective, Lorna stung Brennan, only to be knocked unconscious by Shalimar. GS Agent Vance Halloran captured Lorna, but she gassed him before he could place a subdermal governor on her. The two eloped with the money in Genomex’s safe.

Powers and abilities[]

Lorna is a Feral which means she has animal DNA spliced with her own resulting in either physical or mental characteristics of the animal.

  • Arachnid Physiology: To bolster her compromised immune system, Genomex scientists spliced her DNA with that of a scorpion before she was born. This resulted in her having the characteristics of a scorpion as she possesses functional organs of a scorpion. She can be prone to acts of violence as her mammalian and insect physiology constantly rejects the other.
    • Superhuman Strength: Lorna possesses strength beyond that of normal human beings as she could fight her enemies.
    • Stingers: Lorna can sprout deadly stingers from her wrists to sting her enemies to death or unconsciously. Her stingers are extendable and are highly venomous and poisonous. She used her stingers to sting one GS Agent as well as Tony Reese both to death. She also used her stingers to sting Brennan Mulwray unconsciously.
    • Pheromone Gas: Lorna can release pink pheromone gas from her neck pores which causes men to become obsessed with her. She used this ability to put men under her irresistible sexual control which put them under her spell.
    • Superhuman Agility: Lorna's natural agility, balance and coordination are enhanced to levels beyond the human body's natural limits.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Her natural reaction time is enhanced to levels beyond the human body's natural limits.
    • Enhanced Metabolism: Enhanced Metabolism allows her to heal wounds and injuries much faster than an ordinary normal human being.