This is a list of all episodes of the television series Mutant X. Although it was said that a fourth season would be produced, this season was never realized, ending the show with an unsolved cliffhanger.

Mutant X follows the classic "Villain of the week" pattern. In nearly every episode a New Mutant appears which is later never seen of or heard from again. A continuing story arc appears only two times: the story arc revolving around Gabriel Ashlocke, which spans the first episodes of the second season and the second story arc revolving around the Dominion, a secret society, in the second half of the third season. Season 1 The first season starts off with a two part episode that introduces the characters. Afterwards the episodes become stand-alone episodes. In nearly every episode a New Mutant appears, whom Mutant X wants to help, while Genomex wants to capture this new mutant. This work is often done by a special member of Genomex (who most times is also a mutant), who nearly always fails at the end of the episode and then vanishes to be never seen again.

                      The Shock Of The New (Part 1)

Emma deLauro comes in contact with a secret group named Mutant X, which is a team of Mutants and led by Adam Kane, a scientist who created the New Mutant. Meanwhile a secret agency, the GSA, led by Adam's old friend and now enemy Mason Eckhart, is created to deal with these new Mutants.

                      I Scream the Body Electric (Part 2)

A New Mutant named Brennan Mulwray is captured by the GSA and turned into one of their agents. He however betrays them and together with Emma joins Mutant X.

                      Russian Roulette

While saving a New Mutant from two Russians, Brennan is hit by a blast of an unknown weapon, which can kill him in a short time. Meanwhile a teenager wants to sell his father and stepsister (both new Mutants) to Eckhard

                      Fool for Love

While searching for a Feral mutant, Shalimar meets another male Feral and quickly falls in love with him. It turns out that he works for the GSA and used their material to create a "cure" for mutation.