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Jesse Kilmartin (played by Forbes March) is a character on the television show Mutant X.


Jesse Kilmartin is the son of manipulative covert operative Noah Kilmartin. Both his wealthy father and his grandfather Major William Kilmartin had won medals for their military service, but Jesse rarely saw his grandfather because of animosity between the two men. Though Noah’s work habitually kept him far from home, Jesse remembered occasional pizza parlor visits and yearly father-son martial arts competitions until his parent’s divorce. Jesse first discovered his abilities in high school, while engaged to Alisha Keary, the daughter of the wealthy industrialist family with whom he used to spend summers. Fleeing from a life where he could not fit in, Jesse joined Mutant X to find a new family and sense of purpose.

Jesse led a sheltered childhood and as he got older he learned to adapt to the world around him. He always sees the good in people and often finds trouble accepting their bad points. He suffers from claustrophobia, a fear derived from the fact that his powers would not usually allow him to be restrained.

He joined Mutant X not long after Shalimar Fox, and forged a tight bond with Brennan Mulwray, despite their incredible differences. He is highly proficient in using Sanctuary's technology and can figure out how to use almost any computer system. Like the rest of Mutant X, Jesse is skilled in martial arts and his high I.Q. makes him a great researcher. Jesse is the only New Mutant to surpass his "Expiration Date". Towards the end of the 3rd season he began to form a relationship with Lexa Pierce.


Jesse is a very sensitive person. He is also sweetly naive and good-natured guy in his early 20s. He gets offended with the word Freak which is another word for his New Mutant Classification. He takes it very seriously when Emma insulted him which made Shalimar very angry. He is a computer geek who hates video games. He is responsible for creating things for his teammates like comlink rings, creating Genomex IDs and building new identities for New Mutants as they head into the New Mutant Underground. He is also responsible for restocking the New Mutant Safehouses with supplies that New Mutant Safehouse Operators need. Jesse's favorite food is pizza and his drink of choice is gin and tonic. Jesse loves action flicks...though horror movies give him the creeps. Jesse is fluent in Italian. His biggest fear is being buried alive. Jesse learned how to hack into the NuJack GPS System from Shalimar. Jesse is the only known New Mutant to have surpassed his "Expiration Date".

Powers and Abilities[]

Jesse is a Molecular, which means he has abilities that defy all laws of man and science. He is also known as a Freak which offends him.


Solid Matter Density Control: His altered DNA allows him to manipulate density of his body's molecular structure. By manipulating it, he can defy the laws of physics and change his molecular density without harm and his genetically enhanced DNA maintains a distinct corporeal memory which enables Jesse to revert back to his original molecular structure at will.

  • Intangibility: Jesse can throw off the density of his own molecular structure making him intangible, thus he is able to pass through solid matter by passing his atoms through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which he is moving. In this way he and the object through which he is passing can temporarily merge without interacting, and each is unharmed when Jesse has finished passing through the object. This form is referred as to phasing in the show. When in this state he cannot breathe, so must draw breath before activating his power, and can only stay intangible or super solid for as long as he can hold his breath (Hence him drawing breath as soon as he reverts to normal).
    • Energy Immunity: When he is in intangible state, he is immune to energy-based attacks such as electrical charges, electrical energy pulses and Psionic Blasts.

Imperviousness: He also able to draw molecular density from the world around him making him impenetrable by flexing his muscles when taking a breath to active this power which surrounds his body in a rock-like structure. In this state, he can stop cars and bullets, and has immunity to pain. This form is referred to as ("massing") in the show.

  • Superhuman Strength: When he has become super-dense, no one can resist his incredible physical strength. At this state, he is able to crush and destroy almost anything without harm to his body.
  • Immobility: When he increases his body mass to incredible levels, it's very hard for him to run and even walk, and no one can get him to budge.
  • Superhuman Physical Resistance: He is able to resist extreme collisions such as car crashes, bullets, stabs, falling from high altitude, incredible g-force and pressure.
  • Energy Resistance: Because of his incredible body mass, most types of energies such as electricity and electrical energy pulses which are directed to him just being absorbed or reflected by his body, and do not harm him at all.
  • Psychic Immunity: Most Psionics trying to affect him by their power while he is in super-dense state, feel some kind of barrier which doesn't allow them to enter his mind. Also, such Psionic attacks like Psionic Blasts just disperse on him, and don't cause any side effects.

Gravitative Extension: After further mutation, he is able to expand his state of intangibility and imperviousness to other objects making them intangible or impenetrable alike. This form is referred to as ("Gravitative Phasing") and ("Gravitative Massing") in the show.


Time Limit: Jesse has only 30 seconds to phase out before he has to revert back to avoid the risk that the effects from his powers will become permanent and kill him.

Energy Field: Jesse is unable to phase through energy-based fields such as force-fields and electrical fields.

Nervous System: Jesse's invulnerability offers him no protection against weapons that can affect his nervous system such as time bomb bullets that have the ability to phase itself.

Pain Waves: Jesse's invulnerability offers him no protection against transmitted concentrated waves of pain as it does not disperse on him when he is massed out.

Chemical Energy Blast: Jesse's invulnerability offers him no protection against chemical energy blast as it does not disperse on him when he is massed out.

Telekinetic Energy Blast: Jesse's invulnerability offers him no protection against telekinetic energy blast as it does not disperse on him when he is massed out.


Martial Arts: Like all the other members of the team, he is also a skilled martial artist.

Technology Usage: Like all the other members of the team, Jesse also has skilled usage of technology such as Sanctuary computers and his comlink ring.

Skilled Pilot: Like all the other members of the team, Jesse can also fly the Double Helix. He is also the only one who can repair it when it gets damaged by an energy blast of some kind.