I Scream the Body Electric is the second episode of the first season and immediately follows the events of the pilot. It is the second episode overall.

A New Mutant named Brennan Mulwray is captured by The GSA and turned into one of their agents. He however betrays them and together with Emma joins Mutant X. 

Character AppearencesEdit

Main cast

Jesse KilmartinForbes March

Shalimar FoxVictoria Pratt

Emma DeLauroLauren Lee Smith

Brennan MulwrayVictor Webster

Adam KaneJohn Shea

Guest Cast

Mason Eckhart - Tom McCamus

Frank Thorne - Douglas O'Keeffe

Ruby - Chuck Byrn

Season 1Edit

Precceeded By- The Shock of the New(Part 1)

Followed By-  Russian Roulette

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