Gabriel Ashlocke (played by Michael Easton) is a character on the television show Mutant X. He was the primary antagonist of the second season of the show. A younger version of himself was played by Max Morrow.


The New Mutant psychopath Gabriel Ashlocke was the first and most powerful Child of Genomex ever created. He is also known as Patient Zero. Born without a conscience, little Gabriel's aggressive tendencies quickly spiraled out of control. On October 13th 1978, Gabriel's parents brought the 10-year-old Gabriel back to Genomex so that Adam Kane could make him more human by reducing his abilities. But Adam had unfortunately overlooked a weakness in strand 19 of Gabriel's DNA, and his treatment only caused further fragmenting in Gabriel's genetic structure. Six months later, Gabriel murdered his parents. In order to protect the world from his malignant potential, Adam and Mason placed Gabriel in a stasis pod where he remained in a coma-like state for 25 years until he was released by ex-GS Agent Morgan Fortier. He and his group of loyal New Mutants, The Links, formed an organization bent on world domination called The Strand. With the aid of Dr. Kenneth Harrison, Genomex's headchief biogeneticist, Gabriel placed Mason in a stasis pod and took over Genomex headquarters. He then turned his vengeance sights upon Adam and Mutant X, while searching in vain for methods of stabilizing his DNA. His dramatic cellular breakdown quickly led to his explosive death, but not before he had impregnated one of The Links, Kim. Prior to his death, he set into motion the eventual creation of his successor, The Child, by combining genetic samples from one New Mutant of each type.


Gabriel is a mass murdering psychopath and a would-be world conqueror. He is obsessed with Mutant X team member Shalimar Fox. He has pictures of her in his lair in The Strand headquarters. He entered her mind on a few occasions but Emma was able to expel him from her mind. Gabriel is more powerful and stronger than all New Mutants that Genomex ever created. Gabriel suffers from hacking cough which was the result of smoking cigarettes at an early age. Gabriel was the greatest threat to the world's existence. Gabriel can be aggressive as he has aggressive tendencies that swiftly spiraled out of control when he was little.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Gabriel Ashlocke himself possesses powers and abilities of all four New Mutant types. He is a New Mutant psychopath. He is the most powerful and dangerous of all New Mutants. As a Feral, he has Feline Physiology that grants him enhanced strength, speed, agility, reflexes, senses, leaping ability, metabolism and the alteration of his eyes from human to yellow cat-like. Like all Feline Ferals, he is extremely territorial and has a heightened fear of fire and is prone to hypnosis. As a Molecular, he can lighten the mass of his molecular structure to the point where he can walk through solids. He can also manipulate density of air molecules to create impenetrable force field with his hands. As an Elemental, he can project destructive electrical energy pulses with his hands that are capable of killing his enemies upon impact at will. As a Psionic, he has both Telepathic and Telekinetic abilities able to Telepathically freeze people and take control of their minds, move objects with the power of his hands. He can also fire a beam of pure psychic energy called Psionic Blasts from his forehead at his opponents which he can use to alter and erase memories, render enemies unconscious and kill enemies upon impact at will.


  • Strand 19: Adam had unfortunately overlooked a weakness in Strand 19 of Gabriel's DNA causing further fragmenting of his genetic structure which shortened his lifespan.
  • Energy Fields: Gabriel is unable to walk through energy-based fields.
  • Pyrophobia: Like all Feline Ferals, he has a heightened fear of fire.
  • Hypnosis: As he is part animal, Gabriel is prone to the form of hypnosis.
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