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Elemental Electrical Brennan Mulwray, played by Victor Webster.

In the television show Mutant X Genomex created four classes of New Mutants: Feral, Molecular, Elemental and Psionic. Elemental New Mutants can either project or channel energy of the elements and the environment from their bodies mainly their hands such as electricity.


(listed in order from the most common)

Electricals: Electricals have the ability to absorb electrical energy. They also project it from parts of their bodies [mainly the hands]. NOTE: Electricals can absorb too much energy and cause themselves to explode.

  • Examples: Brennan Mulwray (electrical energy projection), Ashley Elliot (electrical energy absorption), Barry "Kilohertz" Stirling (cyberkinesis/energy form), Candace Rockwell (electrical shockwave projection), Patricia (electron speed manipulation)

Thermals: Thermals have the ability to channel heat or cold through their bodies. Thermal Transfers can also project that energy.

  • Examples: Joshua Valentine (thermal transferral/fire projection), Billy Larkin (fire creation), Nick Maddox ("hot knives"), Pamela Fries (body temperature control), Kelly Rice (thermal projection), Josh (fire creation), Alice Robins (thermal energy emission)

Sonics: Sonics have sound-related abilities, including creating intense, and even concussive sound waves, controlling sound, dispersing sound waves, dispelling sound and absorbing and sending sound over vast distances.

  • Example: Calvin Porter (superhuman hearing)

Chemicals: Chemicals have the ability to project chemical substances [acid, etc] from their bodies, create poisons, disperse various chemicals, or even survive indefinitely in toxic environments.

  • Examples: None Known

Botanicals: Botanicals have the ability to control and manipulate plants and other organic substances, with results ranging from giving life, growth or death.

  • Example: Skeet Vosberg (plant defoliation)

Geologicals: Geologicals have the ability to channel various earth-related substances, or in certain cases, deadly environs. NOTE: This New Mutant subclass is extremely rare.

  • Examples: None Known

Other Elemental Subclasses[]

Like with Moleculars and Psionics, there are other subclasses in this category which cannot be classified by means. Gabriel Ashlocke can project destructive electrical energy pulses. Maddie Conlan can fire strong and powerful magnetic energy blasts. Eli Lynch is able to absorb air from the lungs of others. Another New Mutant named Rick Bellamy can create tornadoes and cyclones with his hands that cause destructive results. A New Mutant named Oblivion can manipulate oxygen molecules to create variable effects.

Other Elementals[]

Mutants are portrayed with abilities that control the elements across various media, like Marvel Comics' weather-witch Storm and cryokinetic Iceman of The X-Men, Thor of The Avengers who controls thunder, Pyro who manipulates fire, The Human Torch of The Fantastic Four, Sandman, Electro who possesses electrokinesis, Avalanche who can cause earthquakes, Arclight who can cause shockwaves and geo-tremors with her hands, sonic-screaming Banshee and his daughter Siryn and Magneto.

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