Dina Moller (played by Lindy Booth) is a character on the television show Mutant X.


Diana was a Link in Gabriel Ashlocke's group of followers The Strand. She attempted to hide from Gabriel by checking herself into The Ellison Psychiatric Hospital, but he tracked her down and forced her to send him back in time to October 13th 1978, the day Adam tried to curtail his powers. Before the portal closed, Shalimar and Brennan leaped in after him. Diana, fearing that changes to the past would alter the present, refused to create another portal until Emma mindblasted her into obedience. Once Emma and Adam arrived in the past, Gabriel murdered Adam with an electrical energy pulse, causing the Sanctuary of the present to begin to disappear around Diana and Jesse. Diana hastily created a third portal to a point in time just before Adam's death, allowing Jesse to reflect Gabriel's electrical energy pulse back at him stunning him unconsciously. Mutant X dragged the stunned Gabriel back to the present through Diana's final portal.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Diana is a hybrid New Mutant which means that she has a combination of Molecular and Psionic abilities. She can affect the gravitational dilation of time, alter the space-time continuum, change the shape of atoms, create time portals and send people back in time. By connecting Psionically with someone, she can create a time vortex to which to send herself and people back in time.

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