Cyrus was a teenager involved in a research study on astral projection.


He was involved in The Walker Project, a Genomex research study on astral projection conducted by Dennis Malone, Mark Kearney and Leo McAllister. Dennis and Mark stole Cyrus's soul after they discovered a method for Cyrus to project himself into someone else's body. The two scientists attempted to contain the soul after Cyrus's body died, but he escaped and began to exact his revenge by leaping from body to body, pushing the lifeforce out of each as he entered. In this manner, Cyrus had killed Dennis, a limosine driver, the young bystander Kelly (Katia Corriveau), television reporter Carla and her cameraman Vic, before Emma deLauro was able to knock him out of Carla's body so that Brennan Mulwray could make him disappear with a tesla coil.


Cyrus in Kelly's body

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